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Counseling & Health

Counselors in the Boulder Valley School District

  1. Provide curriculum in the areas of academic success, career development, and life skills
  2. Teach, promote, and model the New Century Graduate skills
  3. Advocate for ALL students
  4. Promote district and school goals such as achievement, cultural diversity, equity and school safety

Areas of Support

Tiered Support

Through the Multi-Tiered System of Supports, we provide more targeted and intensive help for students who need it -- both academically and social/emotionally.

  • Universal - We strive to support all students with universal programming.
  • Targeted - When a student is struggling, our teachers, school counselors and psychologists give more targeted help.
  • Intensive - If targeted support does not work or a student is in crisis our educators employ more intensive interventions.

Meet our Counselor

School counselors are an important resource and partner for our students, providing guidance and support in a variety of areas to help them be successful in their academic, post-secondary and personal lives.

Amy Buss

Amy Buss


Stop by the office on your free period or email ahead to make an appointment.

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm

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Boulder TEC does not utilize Naviance. Students should contact their home school counselor to receive access to Naviance.